The Content Machine


I’m stoked about this.

There’s hidden gold and I have a new way to find it for you!

To be frank―you have assets you’re overlooking. I can give new life to existing content, make it profitable, and create new content for expanded use in other areas.

This is guaranteed to make a huge impact on your business and on your audience.

We’ll build a PK Content Machine to serve you! Sure, it sounds a little mad scientist-y, but in reality, we’re creating new opportunities for you and your website to grow your client base.

Ask me how we can build an exclusive PK Content Machine that will find hidden assets and how I can integrate them into your Lifetime of Content subscription.

Stop by PK Freelancing and let’s develop raw ideas and turn the best ones into

  • Abstracts
  • Blog posts from the best abstracts
  • White papers from the best blog posts
  • Webinars from the best white papers
  • Ghostwritten articles from the best content above




[Special thanks to Ed Gandia.]


The Power of Content & Social Media Expertise


What marketing strategies are you using right now? A more important question might be how well are they actually working for you?

If you’ve given up on using Social Media and Internet marketing vehicles for your business, don’t throw in the towel just yet. In addition to offering a Lifetime of Content Program, I opened the Pk Freelancing Social Media Café.

I help people and businesses implement social media strategies that are proven to generate more leads, website traffic, and targeted followers. My programs are simple to understand and results-driven to get you the best outcomes possible on Social Media.

Social media, when used correctly, can be one of the most powerful business and marketing tools you will ever use. The problem for most companies is that they don’t know where to start or they don’t have the time or staff needed to get consistent results.

My purpose is simple: I Coordinate Your Social Media and Provide Outstanding Content To Make Sure You Get Results. Guaranteed!

I have developed programs that can handle the needs of almost any size company in any industry and in almost any country.

By outsourcing your Content and Social Media needs, you have more time to focus on your business while you leaving your marketing up to a professional at a fraction of the usual cost.

If you want to learn more about Social Media and find out if our plans are a good fit for your business, I would be happy to connect over a 30-minute consultation.

You can follow this link:

The Social Media Café


Are You Craving Social Media Marketing? Lucky you. We deliver!

Your passion is becoming a distraction because your website is straightforward and not converting. You love what you do and I love it too, but it’s so consuming that your social media presence is totally neglected.

Where’s the flavor? Where’s the spice?

Visitors who are already clients are not getting the right impression at your website. You’re not delivering the tweets or the content.

The thought process is a seasoned Wok. Creativity is a hot chili. But visitors who aren’t already clients won’t become clients or customers. They’re just not ordering anything.

The PK Freelancing Lifetime Copy Program will dish it up for you.

You need delectable CTAs that give value. You need a landing page and conversion copywriting that’s lip-smacking.

You didn’t believe that user experience or content quality was intrinsic to your business. Now you need an SEO strategy. Now you need PK Freelancing.

If you wanna go sweet or you wanna go sour, you need a social media presence.

Social media is not for pushing products. It’s for helping people understand our expertise and to gain a credible reputation.

Kung Pao style writing and Spicy Social Media Consulting. Now that’s appetizing!

Order up!

Stop by the café on Facebook Pete Koufos@pkfreelance or fill out the Contact form. I’d be happy to hear from you!