A Closer Look At The WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog


There is nothing better than bringing home a new dog. The new notebook computer, tablet or smartphone is very exciting, to be sure, but bringing home a new pet for the first time is a very special experience.

Today’s technology has come a long way in making the inanimate animate, and nothing compares to the WoWWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog.

WowWee has been active in the design and development of electronic toys for 28 years, and their experience as an innovator of hi-tech consumer robotic products is revolutionizing the industry and consumer experience, and expectations.

In the first days of September 2016, WowWee released CHiP, their new Canine Home Intelligent Pet, a truly interactive robot dog with advanced artificial intelligence that connects and communicates with its human owners.

CHiP combines cutting-edge technology and sophisticated artificial intelligence to give owners a truly authentic canine experience without all the trouble and worry associated with owning a biological pet.

The fact is that CHiP is not you run-of-the-mill toy store holiday season compromise. CHiP is an actual robot. You would be hard pressed to find a product with this level of authenticity, developed from the application of years of accumulated scientific knowledge, anywhere else.

Similar products are designed and produced as toys by toy makers and are electronic pets that cannot hold up against current AI technology. They are hardly better than the tin battery powered robots our dads had when they were kids.

Many of today’s options are still somewhat limited. The Zoomer Kitty made a splash on the market upon its release with nothing more than a few built-in commands and movements. This is a toy destined for the toy chest, along with the old baseball mitt and abandoned action figures.

With CHiP, consumers will purchase a truly interactive robot dog that has the capacity to learn and provide true companionship. WowWee has incorporated many advanced features that are truly amazing. These include voice recognition and Bluetooth connectivity, and GestureSense™ so that your pet can react to clapping hands and your touch.

CHiP has Mecanum wheels that enable him to move in any direction like a real dog, as well as an accelerometer and gyroscopes so CHiP knows when he’s been picked up for a hug.

Beacon-Sense™ technology is a proprietary indoor GPS system that provides seamless Bluetooth connectivity. With an excess of sensors, CHiP exhibits an awareness of his environment and links with three smart accessories to guide his movement and his learning curve. These accessories are CHiP’s SmartBall, his SmartBed for charging, and his owner’s wearable tech SmartBand.

The smart accessories are an integral part of teaching your new pet all about you and his new home while providing an authentic emotional bond between dog and owner. The more a new owner interacts and plays with her new robot dog, the more unique the experience becomes. WowWee asserts that no two CHiP experiences will be the same because no two owners are alike.


The innovative SmartBand provides CHiP with the ability to recognize his owner and is the tool you will use to teach CHiP everything he needs to know while training him to do all the fun tricks you want him to perform. The SmartBand also serves as a notification center, alerting you with light indicators if CHiP wants to play, is hungry, or needs to find his bed and charge up.

There is also a free companion app available for both iOS and Android that features the same controls you can use on the SmartBand. It allows for important owner customizations, providing a unique pet owner experience.

Infrared sensors give CHiP a 360-degree view of his environment. This allows CHiP to chase and retrieve the SmartBall for games as simple as go fetch and as much fun as a rousing game of soccer. In fact, CHiP is a very talented and enthusiastic goalie. Watch out, Tim Howard!

At an estimated retail price of $199.99, there isn’t a smart device on the market that can match CHiP for fun activities and innovation.

The times we live in are exploding with new and innovative ways to enhance our day to day lives. Products from WowWee are more than a glimpse into what the near future holds for us, going beyond the current information deluge and cute little ways to pass the time.

We are truly on what is an exciting technological threshold. Even for the cynic and the skeptic, we are about to embark on a brave new world where tech will not only improve our lives but also solve our most pressing issues.

This will soon be a new era, in the most positive, forward-thinking way imaginable, and

WoWWee will be one of the great innovators, transforming our experiences by setting the pace with new and exciting ways for us to express our human lifestyle.


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