Dispose of That Evil Sense of Being Swamped in 1 Easy Lesson


I recently changed my habits and strategies. First of all, I now call them routines and action plans. Helps the mindset and it enhances my self-care. Trust me.

Habits sound negative. Strategies sound complicated. Routines and action plans sound easier.

I wish I could remember where I got this from so I could give credit where credit is due, but here it is anyway.

I write it all down on what I call my Giant List. Everything I want to do, everything I want to accomplish, everything I want to take action on. Write.it.down. My MacBook Air has a “Notes” app. I use the heck out f it.

I have a weekly prioritization ritual. I scan the Giant List and it’s obvious that I’m not getting all that stuff done today. I literally have a 100+ item list.

My anxiety and that evil sense of being swamped want to rear their ugly pimply heads, but I’m an adult and these two aren’t going to defeat me. Pshaw! The very idea!

My “ritual” is to ask myself, what 3 things do I need to accomplish that will guarantee this week will feel like a win?

I use the free app TickTick and input the 3 highest leverage, highest priority tasks from The Giant List and I let go of everything else.

This, oddly perhaps, helps me commit to taking action because I’m not setting myself up for frustration, or worse, failure. I tweak my 3 commitments so they’re realistically accomplishable in the next 7 days. And I get to work.

If I finish any of my 3 tasks sooner, I feel accomplished and I’m free to take a look at my list and add something else―an easter egg of sorts―something fun.

Remember―self-care needs to factor in here, brah.

I find that since I’ve been doing this, I’m much happier. The momentum is strong, and the results are improved. And I like concurrent rewards like doing tedious things at my favorite Starbucks instead of insisting that I soldier through it. Pshaw! The very idea!

Today is Sunday. It’s 81ºF/27ºC. My self-care is about Starbucks and lounging, chatting with friends, and reading with absolutely nothing hanging over my head. Freedom, people.

My “better half” (as my Mom so aptly calls her) is spending her weekend driving from Modesto to Huntington Beach to San Diego down the PCH and FaceTime is here so I can keep her company. I share in her travels. She sends me pics and FTs when she wants to see my mug. I love it. It’s freedom, people. *ahhhh*

Having control over my routine and action plan over the week gives me a self-care Sunday to breathe deeply and just be. Can’t beat it!


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