Tuscany 1



We landed in Aeroporto di Firenze-Peretola. I was a little tense and tried unsuccessfully to play it off that I was worried about the flight. My Greek dad had some hilarious, if not totally inappropriate World War II stories about the Italian Air Force―cluster fucks on runways and missed targets by airmen not really motivated to bomb their neighbors for Germans they were allies with, but never really cared a damn for.

I couldn’t keep a mosquito bite from you and the truth is that I’m expecting a little culture shock. We’d been in Morocco for so long, but even I know that the adjustment is part of the journey. The narrow streets will feel like home to us anyway, so why worry?

You’ve never been so happy! Yes, it’s true―wherever we are is home because we’re together. But geez! We’re in Tuscany! Finally! Hello! When we land we look at each other and take a deep smiling breath and laugh together.

The act of travel, being onboard a jet and getting through an airport itself feels so much like home, but this arrival is different. And we know it and we’re totally stoked.

The last time I was here it was called the Amerigo Vespucci Airport. I loved that name. But now, with most of our belongings shipped ahead to Prato, we quickly grab our bags and make the 30-minute drive by cab to Villa Rucellai.

It will be home for a while. My friends have already set us up to meet with someone who has an apartment on Via Pietro Verri in Prato, and I have a hunch we’re going to love it. Third floor, balcony, the works.

And there’s a surprise for you that I have already planned. After a day or two at the villa, because I love how Italy works and our schedule so, it might be three, I’ll take you sight seeing to the Museum of San Marco.

When you get hungry, I’ll take your hand and we’ll walk to the Trattoria Tilo to eat. Then, I’ll tell you there’s an antique store you’ve just got to see! It’s not far, dolly, it’s on Via San Gallo.

It’s a small place above an antique store that sells old eyewear and telescopes, with green shutters on the windows, on this beautiful narrow street.

Today we walk up the garden path to Villa Rucellai along the paving stones to the entrance. The main room, with white sofas and chairs,  looks so comfortable, Tuscan and perfect.

Our room is large, with a king-sized bed and a row of antique portraits on the wall above. I think our favorite place will be the balcony off of the dining area, with a view of one of the gardens with a small square pool of water and white ducks swimming languidly.

After we unpack, we’re invited to join the wine aficionados in the main room. It is so relaxed. We sip our wine. It’s amazing! It’s a Capezzana, and we are time travelers.


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