The Social Media Café


Are You Craving Social Media Marketing? Lucky you. We deliver!

Your passion is becoming a distraction because your website is straightforward and not converting. You love what you do and I love it too, but it’s so consuming that your social media presence is totally neglected.

Where’s the flavor? Where’s the spice?

Visitors who are already clients are not getting the right impression at your website. You’re not delivering the tweets or the content.

The thought process is a seasoned Wok. Creativity is a hot chili. But visitors who aren’t already clients won’t become clients or customers. They’re just not ordering anything.

The PK Freelancing Lifetime Copy Program will dish it up for you.

You need delectable CTAs that give value. You need a landing page and conversion copywriting that’s lip-smacking.

You didn’t believe that user experience or content quality was intrinsic to your business. Now you need an SEO strategy. Now you need PK Freelancing.

If you wanna go sweet or you wanna go sour, you need a social media presence.

Social media is not for pushing products. It’s for helping people understand our expertise and to gain a credible reputation.

Kung Pao style writing and Spicy Social Media Consulting. Now that’s appetizing!

Order up!

Stop by the café on Facebook Pete Koufos@pkfreelance or fill out the Contact form. I’d be happy to hear from you!

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